Institute International de LA MÉDECINE DE L’ÂME

Akumaye - Medecine de lame

We are a learning center, an itinerant and face-to-face healing space, where knowledge is acquired for the well-being and autonomous development of all beings. Based in Gabon and Brazil, the Institute aims to promote a global shift in consciousness. Our organization is built on four pillars: Social Work, Agroecological Project, Artistic Work, Therapeutic Work.

Earth is in the midst of a fundamental shift to find a new balance. Our offer is aimed at groups and individuals who want to actively participate in this change.

Our therapeutic work combines elements of Shamanism, Art Therapy, and Body Psychotherapy with a holistic approach and the guidance of a sacred tradition from Gabon to reconnect human beings with their higher and divine selves. On the path of initiatory rebirth, we accompany seekers to find their ecological harmony and thus facilitate their mystical-spiritual and multidimensional ascension in the universal consciousness.

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